“The gift of time”

One never knows what can happen if time allows it. After a lifetime of experiences I have been fortunate to bear witness to the glorious gifts that come with and over time. I know it may be difficult for some of you to think about “time” giving gifts but I know it to be true.

In February of this year I was fortunate to be able to both “have and take time” to attend a four day venue titled “Growing Hosting Artistry”. Yes, time is a wonderful thing. I have learned to respect it and cherish it.

Attending the venue took time from other things yet it was also an excellent use of my time. The gifts for taking the time to attend were; 1.) it was about me – I needed it – 2.) it was about being engaged with people who wanted to be there and be present – lastly I was amongst and with friends – and also met some wonderful people whom I had never seen before.

One of those people was a woman with a big smile and a funny accent. In my gut I immediately knew we would become great friends. That woman was Linette Harriott.

Linette and I have remained in contact since February via email and Skype…intuitive, helpful, skillful, luminous Linette. I have had the pleasure of spending the last 16 hours with her…a time of reflection, laughter and learning. She came in yesterday evening at 10:30 p.m. just to visit me.  I dropped her off at the airport at 4:30 p.m. only 10 minutes ago.

Last night we began talking immediately, took time to get something to eat, listen to music, continue to talk and call it a day. This morning with rain coming down and strong winds blowing my good friend June joined us for breakfast. Another person whose spirit of generosity is something to delight in.

As we spoke there was wisdom abounding. We talked from that place of living long enough to know a few things yet realizing how much we still don’t know – all wrapped up in time.  Speaking of time I also took her to the Mall of America.  So much fun!

In those short moments of conversation we clicked as if we had known each other for years not just months. When like minds and spirits connect you just know that “Father Time” has given you a gift.



One thought on ““The gift of time”

  1. Bob-e, i just discivered this post accidentally on google. How completely lovely!
    This post took me back to those magical days in your home town. Such a short time but we did so much!
    I am so looking forward to our skype call tonite/tomorrow…
    Cheers from downunder.
    Linette X

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